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Jeff Tweedy on the secret to happiness

tweedy-620x297Wilco’s lead singer, Jeff Tweedy, has figured out a few things in life. In the most recent issue of Grid magazine, I profiled Tweedy the entrepreneur, examining how he’s built a sustainable, self-reliant business around Wilco’s music—a tricky proposition for any mid-sized act in the age of Spotify, as attested by the industry vets who discussed the article with the New Yorker.

Tweedy, a practiced interviewee, knows the power of a telling anecdote. When we first met in March, in Wilco’s loft space in northwest Chicago, he shared a story with me that didn’t fit in the article.

I asked Tweedy, whose band has a gold-certified album and two Grammys, how he defined success. Here is his reply: Continue reading

Silent Dreaming: Cinema Minima’s “A Night With Maya Deren”

Here’s one thing to recommend the work of Maya Deren, an experimental filmmaker active in the 40s and 50s: you can watch her complete oeuvre in less time than it takes to get through The Godfather: Part II.

A fixture in Greenwich Village of the 40s, Deren mixed with the avant-garde luminaries of the time. Marcel Duchamp, Anaïs Nin, and John Cage appear in her short films, which make amorphous, allegorical explorations of dream life and the body. Continue reading