Now, let’s talk about your armpits


Over the past week or two, I’ve been talking to a lot of people about deodorant.

You’d think it would be a touchy subject. But friends and strangers haven’t been shy with their opinions when I mentioned that I was writing a story about North Coast Organics, a Chicago-based company that hopes to have the first widely-distributed USDA Organic deodorant on retail shelves.

“My boyfriend’s been looking for a good natural deodorant,” a woman volunteered at a party on Sunday. “They all suck though.”

I heard that lament a lot. According an industry analyst I talked to, the crowd that’s already switched to natural shampoo and soap is taking a second look at the list of ingredients in their deodorant. They want to go natural, but is there an option that doesn’t suck?

The people I talked to who use North Coast say there is. And none of them were shy talking about it.

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