Reporter’s Notebook: CPS Elementary School Closings


Last week, I was in Englewood and Bronzeville to report a story on Chicago’s school closings.

One afternoon, right when school was letting out, photographer Mike Shin and I were at Overton Elementary to interview parents. The school is consolidating into Mollison Elementary next year.

We were talking to a mom when a bold young girl walked up to us, leading her three little sisters.

“Are you here to save our school?” she asked.

I wasn’t sure how to answer her. She was eating crushed grape ice out of a styrofoam cup. The rim was bitten off in little scallops, to get to the syrupy ice at the bottom.

If you want, I finally said, I can tell people how you feel about your school closing.

Her sisters huddled quietly behind her. “I really like this school,” she said. “We want to stay here.”

Read the full story on Equal Voice online newspaper.

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